Global Mediabank Limited: media content specialist

The digital music industry is booming, and so is the digital media industry generally. Global Mediabank Limited was set up to become a global key player in media content management.

Aiming to make media content management in general and digital music distribution in particular simple and straight-forward, Global Mediabank is a content ingestion and music distribution specialist with solutions to all your content management needs, all under one roof. Forget about different service providers for different media formats and operations: Global Mediabank is the only media content management partner you need.

Digital music industry expertise

With expertise in digital music ingestion and distribution, and experience of working with leading digital music service providers including global streaming service Spotify, Global Mediabank has a database of more than 15 million tracks and 25,000 music videos and is already integrated with thousands of music labels.

Priding itself on being professional, efficient and secure, Global Mediabank offers an all-in-one service covering content ingestion, digital music distribution, metadata management and reporting - all to ensure that you can relax and focus on running your business.